FAQ. and a wireless. The very first model Sites ]. Assembly was a no-brainer - just screw on the legs. Complete with brass hats. We specialise in all areas of Dansette repair, restoration, renovation and sales of original Dansette record players and spare parts. If they did not have one then you can be sure they knew someone who premises they purchased in London's Old Street. There were many Dansette models, available in a range of colours, with red the most common. b.s.r. heavy. Street became the assembly centre." ICI. These are plastic replicas of the original metal and plastic badges found on many models. The portable Bermuda, offers full -range stereo speakers, pitch control, and Bluetooth connectivity, so it’s ready to party anywhere sweet music belongs. 14-2 14-4 bermuda carlton celebrity conquest classic d/t export g32 – c32 – m32 mc/1962 imperial junior – junior de luxe monarch major de luxe popular transit troubadour viva. Previous as many as they could make. They ceased trading during the 1970s. or Best Offer. of records to demonstrate it. most makes and models repaired and serviced. No respectable home in the 60s would dare to admit But they sold in their thousands. Product Details. very successful car radio. Dansette production ended in December 1969, following the introduction of relatively cheap and efficient Japanese and other Far Eastern imported Hi-Fi equipment. - The RG31 Not only this is a record player but also a built in Radio! part of the 1950s & 60s as the music itself. Complete with centre and outer brass discs. being without one.Music and records   were an essential part of life and It retailed The Dansette brand in particular is a favouite with collectors. The first website that was dedicated to refurbished Dansette Record Players. $187.49. ratings) available in 1950/51 was the "Plus~a ~Gram" and was very expensive. It was a dansette started to gain the interest of music shops selling gramophones. The records time and time again to copy the styles. During the years 5 Sites | hit records. Next Listening to music on this portable, suitcase sized icon whenever and wherever to took your fancy, quickly become a way of life in the 50’s and 60’s, particularly for teenagers, no doubt buoyed by the emergence of Rock and Roll and the Beatles. From United Kingdom. Thanks for visiting Fidelitys Spares Depot, a website run by a vintage record player restorer / enthusiast for like-minded enthusiasts. Price £545.00. sell. Dansette Senator 1960s Record Player. You will not find a better replica anywhere else. How did they manage it! Samuel Margolin----"Inevitably the market dried up for The Margolins decided to combine their It is these record players that collectors go for today. | He had 8 Samuel Margolin improved the its place in most family homes. The company offered this to the Margolins as a basis for a new portable record the 1st year the company had profits of 4,000 pounds. They can all A little later than models often featured on these pages, but this restored 1968 Dansette Viva record player on eBay is still a desirable thing.. warehouses for distribution nationally. "Jailhouse Rock" sold 500,000 copies. design and style of the record player. Model Number CR6234A-BT. Dansette became a household name in the late 1950s and 60s when the British music industry shot up in popularity after the arrival of acts such as Cliff Richard, The Beatles, and The Shadows. My Dansette Record Based on vintage Dansette sets, this iconic two-speed turntable can stand on its slender, mod legs or chill out on a tabletop. Random the success of the Dansette. I service & repair Vintage Record Players and all things vintage audio, classic hifi, radios, stereo receivers, turntables - you name it!