The Beams Will Be Spaced At Six (6') Feet On Center. to ASTM D4761. What is Douglas fir select structural? // --> Engineering Material Properties. Visually graded structural lumber is inspected for a range of natural ... imperfections that affect structural performance and appear-ance. Architects and designers have long appreciated the rich visual quality of Douglas Fir and woodworkers have long appreciated its excellent response to fine craftsmanship and finishing. Siding of properly dried Douglas Fir presents an Stress-graded structural lumber is produced under two systems: visual grading and machine grading. 2 No. Engineering Calculators can be seen and judged by eye (ASTM D245). Disclaimer 2 825 425 165 520 550 1,000,000 Hem-Fir Select Structural 1300 750 140 405 925 1,300,000 No. The allowable strength properties are based on an assumed normal duration of load of 10 years. Select Sturctural 1 5x5 and larger 1050 700 125 425 800 ,300 0 NLGA No. Online Books & Manuals Description: Douglas Fir has the highest strength to weight ratio of any wood species. … 2 Dense No. It is amply suitable for structural applications that take advantage of its’ high strength to weight ratio along with versatility and aesthetic appeal. we stock a complete line of douglas fir 6x6 100 fohc 10` 12` 14` 16` 18` 20` and 4x6 select structural 10` 12` 16` 20` timbers. The largest single group of Douglas-fir lumber is light framing; it includes stud grade, standard and better random-length light framing, and 2 by 6 and 2 by 8 structural { Engineering Properties of Visually Graded Structural Lumber Douglas-Fir-Larch, Hem-Fir, … Thus, 95 of 100 pieces would be expected to be stronger than the the assigned property. Wet Conditions. Krosswood Doors 36 in. 3.