Old Bodija is one of the oldest parts of Ibadan, with many renovated houses. Smoked fish is expensive, beans is expensive, palm oil is expensive, groundnut oil is expensive, etc...these are the things I … IT costs almost 10 times less to live in the cheapest area of Ireland compared to the most expensive, new figures reveal. Date of visit: January 2018. Alalubosa area in Ibadan Oyo state provides a luxurious escape from the ever buzzing city of Ibadan. It was located in one of the most expensive and popular area in Ibadan. Compare the Cost of Living in Ibadan with any other city in the world. For many people, however, it is one of the most affordable places to live in Nigeria. While most people believe the city of Ibadan does not have wealthy neighborhoods per se, the Alalubousa area chooses to differ. The latest Residential Property Price Index from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) shows that – shock horror – Dublin 4 was the most expensive area to buy a … Area or location of state. A little while ago, I could have gotten my apartment for ₦400,000. Yinka, 26 years “I think accommodation is becoming more expensive in Ibadan. It's got great schools and is close to the popular aleshinloye market. bunmiOdez. When is the best time to book a hotel in Ibadan? Helpful? Location is a strong determinant to the prices of borehole drilling in Nigeria. The prices of goods in Aleshinloye Market are a bit expensive but you have the assurance of getting quality items. 2. 4. It’s uniqueness lies in the way it’s streets are named- Almond, Citrus, Orange, Pine etc. Visiting Ibadan for 4 nights is the most common choice for our users. It is fully residential and with a good road network. It is one of the most expensive … List of prices in Ibadan (Nigeria) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Dec 2020. How much does a hotel cost in Ibadan? Located in a serene and green environment, the estate comprises mainly duplex complexes and very few commercial outlets. Jericho/ Idi ishin : this is one of the high brow areas of Ibadan and the abode of many South West prominent politicians. Arguably, it the most expensive and best gated in the state. They also sell household wares, clothes, shoes and materials. So, I asked 6 people about their expenses while navigating the city. 28 … I moved to a remote area of Ibadan cos I expected things to be cheaper here, but they are not. 2) Alalubosa‎ GRA: It is close to the popular Alesinloye Market and Iyaganku. 3. The price of a hotel in Ibadan depends on several factors such as star rating, location and demand. The services were not too expensive. This market is located in the most commercial area in Ibadan, Dugbe Aláwò. That was a full list of the top most expensive universities in Nigeria that you can attend together with a brief word about each of them and their cost. Generally speaking, the average cost of a hotel is around $47 per night. These are the answers I got. This is one of the best restaurant in Ibadan metropolis most especially for the young ones. This also goes for state to state. It's also close to dugbe with its cinemas, nightclubs, malls and fun spots. 2. Jericho, Iyanganku GRA, Oluyole, Agodi GRA, Akobo, and Onireke GRA are the most expensive and exclusive places to stay in Ibadan. Some areas in Lagos like Ikorodu would accept N120,000 for the process, while other expensive areas like Surulere would collect N500,000 for similar purpose. Located in Ibadan, Alalubosa hosts some fairly large and expensive homes, which helps to dispel perceptions of Ibadan as being severely underdeveloped. I live here in 2016, and I am speaking on what I am currently experiencing. Accommodation here is among the priciest in Ibadan. Ogunpa Market. For rent in these places, minus agency, and legal … The school is located on the Ibadan-Oyo-Ilorin road in Atiba Local Government Area (LGA) of Oyo State. The school fees is ₦500,000 accommodation inclusive.