Just picked up two for my wife and I to float down the river with and take to our smaller lake in our area. View online or call 888.940.2628 now! The ARGO 100X EXO is perfect for the recreational paddler looking to do some onshore exploring. It can be a good choice if you’re looking to paddle on calm lakes and bays, … When he's not out there in the wild, he's probably typing away at his laptop or trying to be the world's best father for his two lovely daughters. Also, if you paddle in the sea, rinse the boat off with fresh water to stop corrosion from the salt. Unless you are really on the budget, we recommend spending a little to get a model that has them. In general, polyethylene kayaks are very durable. First off, this cute watercraft is light in … Pelican also stresses that it uses a lot of recycled plastic for its boats and recycles over 90 percent of leftover plastic from its production. The Clipper can carry up to 275 lb (125 kg). If you store the kayak outside, covering the cockpit will keep the rain, dust, and mice/spiders/whatever away. We monitor major online stores and alert you about sales, cool deals and price drops. The Argo 100X has molded footrests with four different positions. The ARGO 100X is specifically tailored to the average paddler. It includes basic features geared to making your experience … Instead, Pelican recommends that you buy a couple of S-shaped steel hooks from a hardware store and put those in the holes where the handles are attached. It includes basic features geared to making your experience comfortable with inclusions like adjustable footrests, an adjustable Ergoform™ padded backrest with seat cushion. Bungee cords and other hardware on your kayak can deteriorate from time and the sun. Pelican… It is tilted so it won’t hold an open container (a water bottle is fine). The Pelican Argo 100X is a durable, lightweight sit-inside kayak that is aimed at recreational paddlers. On the flip side, shorter boats do not track as well. All reviewers. The Maxim 100X Pelican Kayak is a top-rated choice for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. Built using our Twin Arched Multi Chine Hull, these kayaks provide excellent stability and combined with our spacious cockpits, getting in-and-out of a kayak, has never been easier! Pelican Argo 100X has two strap-based carrying handles, one in the front and one in the back. Polyethylene kayaks require very little care and maintenance. These are useful if you have different people using the kayak because they need no adjustment. Built on a Twin-arched Multi Chine Hull, this sit-in kayak offers great stability … All rights reserved. Bigger kayaks that extend to 12 feet or longer or models which are … It is also great for a … Leaving your boat under the sun for a few days is OK, but in the off-season, try to find a place indoors or at least cover the kayak from the sun. Pelican International the world’s largest manufacturer of beginner-level recreational kayaks. PELICAN ARGO 100X SIT IN KAYAK $249.99 The ARGO Recreational Sit-in Collection is ideal for the paddler looking to enjoy a stable and relaxing kayaking experience during the cool or warm season. The handles are not designed to resist forces that the wind creates at high speeds. At 36 lb (16.3 kg), the Argo is a little lighter than Pelican’s cheapest 10 ft model, the Rise 100X (38 lb or … It includes basic features geared to making your experience comfortable … Pelican Argo 100X has a pair of indentations on the rim of the cockpit. As an affiliate, we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) when you purchase via our links. At only 36 lb, the ARGO 100X is incredibly easy to transport. (36 cm). Your best source for camping supplies such as tents and sleeping bags, … All models share the same hull design, so the weight differences are due to different seats and storage options. Very Very please with the product!! (36 cm). Explore the collection for a variety of lengths-you can find both Pelican sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks for your next excursion. In front of the cockpit, there is a kind of molded table with a bottle holder and a couple of compartments for small items. A convenient front storage hatch and rear tank well with mesh deck cover, will ensure you have enough room to bring along whatever you might need. This hull shape is ideal for recreational kayaking as long as you stay away from white water or big waves, which you should in this kayak. Tags: pelicanpelican argo 100xRecreational Kayaks. How are ratings calculated? A lot of the damage occurs when the kayak is being transported.